Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Road Trip

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!!

Well, it was a whirlwind weekend in Englewood, Ohio! After driving through some crazy rain storms, I finally rolle
d into Englewood late Friday night. I met Cathy ( my college roommate) and her family (including Cathy's twin sister - the bride to be - Chrissie) at the reception location where they were finishing the final touches. It was so great to see everyone. Even though it had been several year since my last visit, it felt like it was yesterday. On Saturday, Cathy and I and a couple of "mini" family members snuck in a shopping trip, and then dashed back to help with Chrissie's wedding. The ceremony itself was unlike anything I have shot or even attended before. It was a Catholic wedding held during mass. It was nice because not only did their family and friends attend but their entire church family. I also loved how Chrissie and her husband, Randy included their children in the exchange of vows. Chrissie's daughter Caroline also received communion for the first time during the service.
The reception was amazing. Everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time. The band (This Side Up) was one of the best cover bands I have ever heard...honestly. I wish they were local so I could recommend them to every couple I meet with! If you can brib them to travel here, they are worth it! They even come with their own box of crazy hats that they let everyone wear. It was a big hit.
On Sunday morning, we set up a studio in the basement of Cathy's house and did a First Communion session for Caroline and a 1st Birthday session for Cathy's son, Caleb. So far, I only have Caleb's pictures ready so here are a few of my f
avorites. I will have wedding pictures very soon, along with a few of Caroline too!

Happy Birthday my little Cutie Patootie!

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